Johannesburg Product Photography Studio

Johannesburg Product Photography Studio (Johannesburg Photography Studio)

What is product photography?

Product photography entails taking photos of products for advertising, display and catalogue purposes. Whether products are large or small – a good Johannesburg photographer is able to enhance the unique features of a product. Johannesburg photographers are able to capture a variety of product images. Using the right lighting, backdrops and camera equipment in a Johannesburg photography studio can showcase a product in the best light possible. Skilled product photographers are able to advise their clients on the right choice of product photography to suit their needs.

Looking for a Johannesburg Product Photography Studio?

Looking for a Product Photography Studio Johannesburg?

When looking around for a Johannesburg Photography Studio there is no need to look further than MK Photography. MK Photography is the premier choice for photography at competitive rates with extensive photography experience and a personal studio based in Johannesburg.

MK Photography’s studio comes fully equipped with lighting and backdrops, thus saving you costs on outsourcing a location for your shoot. MK Photography can also deliver onsite editing and same day delivery - depending the scope and needs of your shoot. MK Photography has a mobile version of their studio making offsite shoots a possibility. You don’t need to come to MK Photography, we can come to you.

Studio Usage in Cape Town & Johannesburg

We have 4 options:
• Our office studio, either the mini set at 900.00 ZAR + vat per hour, OR large set at 1200.00 ZAR + vat per hour. (including photographers time and PA)
• Mobile set, at your premises, either the mini set at 900.00 ZAR + vat per hour, OR large set at 1200.00 ZAR + vat per hour. (including photographers time and PA, ex travel)

A minimum of 2 hours is required for any private or corporate services.


• Image manipulation and editing
• Extra staff
• Travel
• Additional lighting & backdrop
• Product preparation

Also see "Studio"


MK Photography can assist with a photography studio, commercial photography, an event photographer and a product photographer.

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